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Call Us: (917) 338-0645
Mon - Fri: 12PM - 7PM
Sat - Sun: 12PM - 5PM
Address: 25 Essex Street, NYC (Map)
  • Skill Share Space
    Everyone has a skill in something and we provide our space as a tool to teach others and trade ideas at our hosted meetups or workshops.
  • Electronics Repair
    We work with advanced and professional rework equipment specializing in repairing game consoles and phones.
  • Print & Web Design
    We develop great friendships with all our clients in hopes to present their vision in the most accurate sense. We are their bridge to bring their vision into life.
  • Web Development
    We specialize in Drupal theming and have refined our site building techniques using a template-less methodology. We also host and run one of the Drupal playdays once a month and provide support for newcomers to the platform.