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CALL/TXT (917) 338-0645
Address: 48 Wall St. 5th Floor, NYC (Map)
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain Lab
    We've hosted and worked with the Bitcoin community since 2012 and see the true potential of the blockchain. Being a hybrid blockchain company, we're using existing resources to create products/services utilizing this new technology.
  • Electronics Rework
    We work with advanced rework equipment specializing in refurbishing niche electronic devices.
  • Web Development
    We specialize in full stack Drupal web development since 2007. Having that we run our own ecommerce site, we understand the needs of small to large website while keeping everything under budget.
  • Print & Web Design
    Having an eye for design and working in the web development field, we're able to combine UI/UX experiences to what we do on the screen and in print for our clients.