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Enchant Address: Recurring Smart Payments Gateway

Enchant address is a recurring smart payments gateway that can use logic to schedule timed payouts to any crypto-currency address in either Bitcoins, Altcoins, or Assets.
The system will leverage existing services without the need to build and maintain certain functionality from the ground up. Scheduled recurring payments technology opens new possibilities when combined with crypto-currency and related services. This is intended to be a blockchain agnostic service leveraging existing platforms. Here are some interesting use cases:
- Replacement of Mail in Rebates systems. Rebate over time on a purchase.
- Weekly allowance payments.
- Auto dividend payout system to shareholders.
- Payout shareholders/customers in asset shares or colored coins
- Funnel percentage of coins through a dice site's api on each payment
- Detect colored addresses with assets, and fund it with its native currency if its depleted
This project is currently still in development and testing. We've come up with an fun marketing story for this smart payments technology as it entails our friend Satoshi:
The Legend of Enchanted Addresses
Some people believe the Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto is someone from the future traveling back to our time to help save humanity by launching the biggest wealth redistribution the world has ever seen. Satoshi, having the technology to manipulate time, he left a few clues for us to follow in his blockchain code. Legend has it that Satoshi has hidden an enchantment function during the creation of the genesis block. Not even Gavin Andresen or other core developers have found it during a code audit.
From our research any coins or addresses passed through it, leaves with its mythical properties. There have been reports of the function being unstable causing a temporal disturbance in the blockchain space time continuum resulting in coins or addresses to act erratically. Some known anomalies we've witnessed so far has been:
- Coins being sent in the future show up in the past or vice versa.
- Enchanted addresses being sent random coins in prime numbers
- Coins being mutated or multiplied on a temporal wake traveling through the function
- Empty colored addresses receiving coins
Those are just some of the common traits of the enchantment function we've witnessed so far. Given more time to research on this we'll be able to harness the power that was left to us by Satoshi. If you like we can try running your address or coins through this function and email you the results:
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