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Give the Gift of a Bitcoin Starter Kit

Finally! A Bitcoin Friendly Product Made for Newbies.

Having that we help host and teach Bitcoin workshops, we've encountered many newcomers to Bitcoin. One major issue we noticed is how to onboard newcomers to the platform without all the lingo associated with using Bitcoin. Many newcomers can't grasp the concept of "money" being only digital. People want to hold something for that assurance of it being real. Also we noticed there weren't many Bitcoin gift products that was geared toward beginners. This is how we ended up designing our own "Bitcoin Starter Kit" consisting of the following:

  • Bitcoin Paper Wallet (BIP38) loaded with a few mBTC.
  • Bitcoin Copper Coin in a Floating Display
  • Bitcoin Designed Gift Bag
  • Easy to Understand Bitcoin Brochure made by us
  • Budget Android Phone with Bitcoin Wallet Installed (optional)

Makes a great for gift for friends and family that are still new to Bitcoin!

Project Status: 
Concept Stage
Project Type: 
Crowdfunding (Pending)