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Reference Wood - Cheat Sheets with Style

A cheat sheet that makes a great gift and desk ornament!

Being coders and designers, we tend to have to google a certain functions or tools when we don't use them all the time. Currently the reference card industry doesn't have many good products on the market that would make a great gift. Most cheat sheet or reference cards these days are usually made with paper stock which can degrade over time or just get lost with the bunch of other paper documents on a workdesk. And most of the time the reference material printed on these products aren't always useful as they are usually copy and pasted material out of a thick useless reference book with no attention to what users really need. 

Combining a designers touch and practical reference material on certain programming languages or programs. We've come up with a well designed laser engraved reference wood card for this industry.

Right now we've only created a few experimental products catering to niche communities that we love: Drupal, VIM, Linux, PHP, and Javascript

We first came up with this idea when we first got a hold of our first laser engraver and was commissioned by the Drupal NYC community to engrave 500 of these cards to show the Drupal API system. It tooke roughly 30 minutes for each board and you can imagine how long it took being that it was a manual labor kind of thing. We had to flip the board every 15 minutes to engrave the other side and then switch it to a new board. The printing literally took 1-2 weeks non-stop. Now we're trying to continue this momentum going and really depends on how well our crowd funding campaign goes to see if this really gets kick started or not! 

Project Status: 
Concept Stage
Project Type: 
Crowdfunding (Pending)