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Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun: 12PM - 5PM
Address: 25 Essex Street, NYC (Map)

Rent a Classroom / Conference / Meetup Event Space - NYC Manhattan

Aside from running our daytime business, we have built a modular tech space which can be easily converted into a classroom setting or hackerspace. Our space and platform was created so that teachers and group organizers who use our space can easily transistion into their roles without having to deal with the headaches of setting up their equipment.   We know managing a workshop or meetup takes time and we've streamlined some of the major technological hurdles to make your life easier.

We have an intimate space good for small groups of 25-30 people in a lecture format and 10-15 people in a workshop format with laptops on tables. 

Go here to view pics of our previously hosted events:

Details about our space:

  • Location: Manhattan: Lower East Side, Street Level (2 Blocks from Delancey Street on the F train or Essex Street on the J / M / Z)
  • Dimensions: 19' x 19' Squre Feet
  • Guest Wifi: 30mbit download / 5mbit upload
  • Projector: Can project onto a 90" Inch Writable Screen (has HDMI / VGA Inputs)
  • Speakers: 4 speakers on each corner (3.5mm jack input)
  • Whiteboard: 4' x 8' feet (Also used as a projection screen.)
  • Table: Two 2.5' x 6' feet tables (Only used with less than 12 people)
  • Parking: Street Meters (50 cents per 10 minutes / 1-2 hr max / Meters end at 7PM) [widely available on weekdays]

Extra added services

  • Live streaming and recording with Google Hangout: Ceiling Wide Angle Camera with Omni Directional Mic (View Demo)
  • Equipment (Please Inquire): Soldering Iron / Laser Engraver / Precision Tools / Hand Drills / Heat Press / 3D Printer / Large Format Ink Jet Printer

Currently our regular rates vary depending on the time of day needed. We need at least 2 weeks notice prior to the event. (Minimum 2 hours)

  • Weekday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM: $200/hr
  • Weekday 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM: $150/hr
  • Weekend 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM: $200/hr
  • Weekend 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM: $200/hr
  • Video Recording: $50/hr (Free in Development)
  • Teleconferencing: $50/hr (Free in Development)

What limit should be set on the attendee list? Organizers are recommended to set their limit at 25-30 people to account for no-shows. Also with our experience of hosting events, paid meetups tend to attract more serious guests  and eliminates those who just sign up for free events and don't show up.

What do these fees cover? They will cover the use of the space and all of the items mentioned above except for the added services. Also this covers hiring an attendant as a receptionist to greet visitors, collect fees at the door, name tag preparation + distribution, prepare the space, clean up, technical troubleshooting, and added security for our space.

Note: Organizers are required to provide an attendee list 3 hours in advance.

Please fill out the form below if you would like us to host your event: (Once approved, we will send you and invoice.)

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