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Blockchain Gateway Dapp Chrome Extension

A Dapp to parse immutable and censor resistant text on any website.

This browser extension lets you resolve blockchain handlers such as BTC:// XMR:// ETH:// USDT:// IGNIS:// ARDOR://

The Open Alias ( handler is also supported: OA:// OPENALIAS://

The blockchain handlers will output the value of the URL as plain text when clicked. Currently all handlers resolve to the IGNIS child chain as a test bed before building out BTC, ETH, USDT and XMR child chains on the the Ardor platform.

All alias text data is stored on a BitTorrent type decentralized storage layer called the Ardor Data Cloud storage network.

To register your own alias, you can visit: password is "secret" (testnet coins are available are first come first serve). All URL aliases reside on Ardor testnet and if you like to use mainnet, you can install Ardor ( locally. Goto options and point to your local node: http://localhost:7876

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