What We Do

xCubicle is a Wall Street Tech Shop working with hardware and software since 2007. Our mission is to help foster the growth and adoption of cryptocurrency by building blockchain services and hosting crypto events for the community. We've come a long way and here is our story.

Blockchain Lab

Building the next big thing with cryptocurreny & dapps.


PCB Rework & Electronics Repair

Microscope level SMT board repairs and modifications.


Events and Workshops

Bitcoin / Crypto meetups and private training workshops.

Our Projects

Take notes for web pages and access them with a single click when visiting them again...
This browser extension lets you resolve blockchain handlers such as BTC:// XMR:// ETH...
We've all run into the issue of gifting bitcoin to friends or family at one time ...
Having worked with NXT 1.0 since 2015, Ardor (NXT 2.0) brings new innovations to the ...
We've been hosting and organizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related events since...
This project transitioned from the original xCubicle brand into the new "PhoneRe...
This sidechain like setup leverages existing blockchain infrastructure by enhancing a...
The Hester Street Fair (Bitcoin Fair) is the only outdoor community market located on...

Our Story

  • 2007

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Started out in a 8x8 foot cubicle storefront as a web boutique agency. Read about our story.

  • 2010

    Game Console Electronics Repair

    Having that we owned a storefront space, we partnered up with a friend to build up the lucrative console repair market at that time.

  • 2012

    Knowledge Sharing in a Bigger Space

    We expanded into a larger space next door and started incubating the concept of knowledge sharing using our new space and hosted one of the first Bitcoin NYC Meetups.

  • 2017

    Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Wall St.

    After 5 years, we moved into the heart of the financial district to begin a new adventure in working with blockchain technology while running our existing businesses.

  • Our story continues...



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40 Wall St. Suite #2935, New York NY 10005

Call Us: 917-338-0645


xCubicle is an authorized US Reseller & Training Center for the Trezor Hardware Wallet:
Purchases can be made on our eBay shop or in person at our meetup events.
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